Club Substance Use Policy

Rathcline GAA Substance Use Policy

After a number of conversations among club members, Rathcline GAA has engaged on a social initiative around substance use and abuse. This is not limited to any one drug type and encompasses the remit of alcoholism and other substance use such as smoking etc. 

There is a general acceptance that most rural gaa clubs in Ireland are no longer immune to substance abuse. Rathcline GAA now falls into this remit and it is important that our club takes a proactive approach in playing its part in mitigating the effects of substance abuse in our club.

We must preserve our club reputation as a community driver against anti-social behaviour with particular emphasis on substance abuse. We have a moral and social obligation to protect our club members, the youth of the community and all those who use our Clonbonny GAA facility as a “safe zone”. 

For this reason, it is important to have an “active” and “realistic” substance use policy with appropriate actions in the short term, medium term and long term.

Working Group Meeting - Tuesday 17th May 2022 @ 7:30pm in Clonbonny

The club has prepared a draft club substance use policy based on active GAA templates. On Tuesday evening 17th May, a working group meeting was organised in Clonbonny to review our draft template and to optimise the content to our own club needs. 

These document can be reviewed by clicking on any of the schematics below.

We are asking all club members and supporters to pay particular emphasis to the document entitled "GAA Club Substance Use Policy". This is the document which will set out the protocols and controls for Rathcline GAA in relation to substance use in our club. It is important that every club member has a full appreciation of the content within.  

The next steps

The updated policy will be circulated to all club members via email, social media and out website for review and comment. This feedback can relayed via email to the following email addresses:

Closing date for comments and feedback will be Friday 3rd June 2022. 

The policy will be presented to the Club Executive at our next meeting on Tuesday 7th June at 7:30pm for ratification and adoption by Rathcline GAA. In tandem, we will make initial preparations for an Official launch for mid-June.

We hope that our supporters and members will appreciate the importance of this initiative and fully support its roll out in Rathcline GAA. Ultimately, it is in all our interests to put in place measures that fully protects our club members, players and supporters and create a "Safe Zone" for all those who use Clonbonny.    

Please support this initiative.

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